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I always say 'sewing is about creating and solving your own problems', well this time it was the case. Normally the back should look like this

But when I was cutting the back I accidentely cut an extra hole, I think my brain was holding a strike. So I created a problem, because there was no problem before. I decided to change the back because I didn't have enough fabric to cut an extra back piece. That's why I ended up with a bigger hole and two pieces of ribbon instead of a buttonloop and a button.
I could have told you that I hacked the pattern, but I prefer being honest because I assume everyone who makes their own clothes knows the situation in which you make a stupid mistake.

Now, it's time to talk about the pattern. It's the Cosette top, one of the newest patterns from Laela Jeyne. I chose this top because I love the sleeves, that's why I decided to accentuate them with biais. This was the first pattern from this designer I made but I love the fact that the sizes and the sizing table match perfectly and the fact that the pattern has different cup sizes makes it easier to chose the right size without needing a full bust adjustment.

This pattern comes in a view A and a view B, I actually combined parts of both. View A has the scarf and longer sleeves and view B these sleeves and a collar. I might make a top with longer sleeves in a few months but now I feel more like sewing for summer although it was a rainy day when I took pictures.

The fabric was in my stash since last year, I bought it without knowing what I would make out of it, since I challenged myself in April to not buying fabric (I only bought 1m of black fabric to combine with something), I had to chose something from my stash.

Until the end of May you can use the coupon code LAFEMME, it gives you a 3 dollar discount.

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  1. Goed opgelost! En ja, we hebben allemaal van die momenten! Ik overlockte ooit te snel en had ineens een groot gat in een broek voor Giel dus zette ik er zakken aan de zijkanten op, wat eigenlijk helemaal het plan niet was, maar uiteindelijk de enige manier om de broek te redden ;)

    Die verschillende cupmaten vind ik ook een geweldig voordeel van de patronen van Laela Jeyne Patterns :) Mooi gemaakt!

    1. Ik ben er inderdaad van overtuigd dat we allemaal zo'n momenten hebben, gelukkig gebeurt het zelden dat er iets dan in de vuilnisbak belandt


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